An introduction to the mysterious life of penguins

Pelagic zone The open ocean is relatively unproductive because of a lack of nutrients, yet because it is so vast, in total it produces the most primary productivity. The open ocean is separated into different zones, and the different zones each have different ecologies. Zones which vary by the amount of light they receive include the photic and aphotic zones.

An introduction to the mysterious life of penguins

These semi-aquatic, flightless hunters can thrive in nearly any climate, from the tropics to the tundra. The penguin life cycle is fascinatingly intricate, especially that of emperor penguins.

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These birds are one of the few animal species that can live and breed in frigid Antarctica. These penguins live and breed in frigid Antarctica. Parents feed chicks regurgitated food and keep them warm inside of brood pouches, until the chicks develop cold-resistant down. Emperor Penguin Chicks Emperor penguins are the tallest and heaviest penguins in the world, with newborns weighing around 11 ounces, and usually being around a foot long.

For comparison, the world's smallest penguin species, the little penguin, is around this size when fully grown. Emperor penguin chicks come into the world during the harsh Antarctic winter, the most frigid winter on earth with temperatures that can easily drop to degrees Fahrenheit.

Because of this, and because chicks do not develop proper down warm, insulating feathers until a few weeks of age, they must spend the first few weeks of their lives being warmed by their parents. Male and female emperor penguins have an insulated pouch, called a brood pouch, between their feet, just below their bellies.

Chicks must stay in this pouch until their down develops, about 45 days after they hatch. Emperor penguin chicks are born into large groups called colonies.

Penguins of all species are social, and stick together in colonies, even those that live in tropical climates. Emperor penguin colonies spread out in summer, but huddle together for warmth in winter. Sometimes, chicks hatch while their mothers are away, collecting food.

The chick's father may feed the chick a kind of "milk" produced by special glands in his throat to help the chick survive until the mother returns. Flamingos, pigeons and emperor penguins are the only birds on earth that can produce such "milk.

Once the mother returns, the father penguin carefully transfers their chick to her brood pouch the adults touch toes and nudge the baby from one pouch to another and then leaves himself, to find food at sea.

The mother penguin feeds her chick the food she gathered during her time away, by regurgitating, or vomiting, food into the chick's mouth. The chick's parents will still return, in shifts, to feed the chick during this time.

An introduction to the mysterious life of penguins

Adulthood and Hunting Over the course of a few months, emperor penguin chicks grow to between 3 and 4 feet tall. Their baby down falls out and is gradually replaced with adult feathers.

This process is called molting. Once a penguin chick has most of its adult feathers, its parents stop feeding it. As spring arrives, the penguin parents leave for the sea. Chicks must go without food until their adult feathers completely come in, which can take up to a month, at which point they are able to trek to the sea themselves and hunt.

Sciencing Video Vault Like all penguin species, adult emperor penguins have sleek, waterproof feathers. This is vitally important because emperor penguins do all of their hunting in the water.

All penguin species eat a diet of mostly seafood, and emperor penguins are no exception.If you are searching for the ebook by F.

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