An overview of russia

Prehistory[ edit ] Casting mold that can hold 5 sicklesdating back to the Bronze Age In the land now occupied by Yekaterinburg, there have been settlements of people since ancient times. According to the analysis of artifacts, the inhabitants of the settlement used over 50 different rocks and minerals to make tools, which indicates a good knowledge of the population of that time of the region's natural resources. On the peninsula Gamayun left bank of the Upper Iset Pondthere are archaeological monuments dating back to the Chalcolithic Period: In the Bronze Agethe Gamayun people lived in the area, leaving behind fragments of ceramics, weapons, ornaments.

An overview of russia

Since then, Russia has implemented arms control agreements and participated in threat reduction programs that have dismantled and downsized substantial parts of its arsenals and made inventory numbers more transparent. At present, Russia is modernizing and recapitalizing its entire arsenal of strategic nuclear weapons and delivery systems.

Although the retirement of aging Soviet-era capabilities provides much of the impetus for these efforts, Russia also views modernization as a means to counteract the conventional superiority of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATOas well as a way to retain its status as a major military power.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with U. President Donald Trump in Julybut no substantive agenda has emerged from the summit.

Nuclear The Soviet nuclear weapons program began during World War II and culminated in a successful nuclear test in Russia has 1, warheads on deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles ICBMsubmarine-launched ballistic missiles SLBMand warheads designated for heavy bombers.

However, since June the Russian government has allowed many of these cooperative agreements to expire, due in part to deteriorating relations with the United States. The post Soviet offensive anti-personnel BW program, codenamed Ferment, sought to employ genetic engineering techniques to develop enhanced pathogens for use against humans.

Russia is currently developing two new ICBMs: Development of a third, rail-mobile ICBM, called Barguzin, was suspended in December in order to focus resources on the Sarmat and Rubezh programs.

To replace the oldest submarines, Russia is building new Borey-class submarines. SS-NXsuffered a difficult and protracted development period, with problems surfacing even after its de facto entry into service in Recent tests, however, have been generally successful.

This SVC meeting, the first sincewas held in November ; no information is available regarding what was discussed, and it is not known if the issue was resolved. Norris and Thomas B.

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Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Columbia University Press,p.Russia - Import Requirements and DocumentationRussia – Import Requirements Includes import documentation and other requirements for both the U.S. exporter and foreign importer.

Provides an overview of Russia, including key events and facts about this major world power.

An overview of russia

Primorsky krai overview. Primorsky krai (Primorye) is a federal subject of Russia located in the south-eastern part of the country, in the south of the Far East, part of the Far Eastern Federal regardbouddhiste.comostok is the capital city of the region.

The population of Primorye is about 1,, (), the area - , sq. km. W ith the dissolution of the Soviet Union there has been an enormous resurgence of interest in Russia's pre-Soviet past, as well as a great deal of debate and reconsideration of the Soviet era itself.

This shift has not resulted in a simple vilification of everything Soviet or a naive embrace of all. Russia, including the Soviet Union and CIS, have traditionally been a major force of volleyball since the very beginning of international competitions.

They joined the FIVB in , a year after the foundation of the international governing body.

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Russia - Market OverviewRussia - Market Overview Discusses key economic indicators and trade statistics, which countries are dominant in the market, the U.S.

market share, the political situation if relevant, the top reasons why U.S. companies should consider exporting to this country, and other issues that affect trade, e.g., terrorism, currency .

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