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This free business case PowerPoint template can be used in MBA courses as well as business projects or business planning presentations. Corporate strategy and business models can also be described in a PowerPoint presentation template like this one. For your convenience, it is good to learn that a business case captures the reasoning for initiating a project or task and it is sometimes presented in a well-structured written document or presentations.

Business plan beispiele handwerker

Establish your unique selling proposition Communicating your business's core value should be an essential part of your brand marketing strategy.

How to Create a Winning Restaurant Business Plan

December 21, Tags: Your unique selling proposition USP can set you apart by demonstrating to customers how your business will solve a problem in a way your competitor will not. Finding and communicating your USP should be at the heart of your brand marketing strategy.

A USP has driven some of the most successful brand strategies.


For instance, Nike took the sale of an everyday, commoditized product—sneakers—and built a mystique around them with innovative designs of its durable and high-quality footwear. The Nike brand was based on a philosophy that everyone is an athlete and Nike has the footwear and apparel to help people realize their ambitions.

Despite Nike's premium prices, it became an iconic global brand. Michelle Dellavalle, founder and owner of Dellavalle Counsel, a Pennsylvania marketing and consulting firm, says marketing that merely enumerates unique features of a product or service misses the point.

Figure out what problem they face in your field, and then decide how your business solves that problem. To find your USP, survey your high-volume and repeat customers to ask what motivates them to buy from you and what may be lacking in your offering.

If you're a new business, survey potential customers in your ideal target demographics, and create detailed customer profiles.

business plan beispiele handwerker

Then study established competitors and discern their USP. A gap between what your competitors are offering and what their customers are actually saying could be opportunity for you to set yourself apart with a unique selling proposition. For example, FedEx seized on customer dissatisfaction with the slow rate of package delivery by the U.

Postal Service by developing an efficient, rapid-fire overnight package delivery service that clearly and uniquely set it apart in the marketplace.

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Ask customers for feedback to help improve your business. Commoditized products and services are often at the mercy of the lowest price, unlike differentiated products that stand out in the marketplace and can often command a premium price.

Once you've identified your USP, distill it into a memorable phrase. A successful USP goes beyond a catchy tag linehowever. It's a promise made to current and future customers.

Your products or services must fully support the promise of the USP. In some cases, this may mean altering business practices to better align with the promises put forward in the USP.The My Business Model canvas can help you turn your business ideas into reality.

Whether you're interested in starting, acquiring or repositioning a business, use our canvas to create your business model. The simpler your business' pricing page, the better user experience you'll offer -- but this gets harder the more complex your product and pricing model. Acquia is one such company, but they do a great job using a slider to simplify their pricing page so users can adjust for the features and amounts they're looking for.

Definition of market penetration: The activity or fact of increasing the market share of an existing product, or promoting a new product, through strategies such as bundling, advertising, lower prices, or volume discounts.

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Free Business Case PowerPoint Template is a free business and management PowerPoint template design that you can download and use for your business presentations and business case slides. This free business case PowerPoint template can be used in MBA courses as well as business projects or business planning presentations.

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