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For example, rock layers show the sequence of geological events, and the presence and amount of radioactive elements in rocks make it possible to determine their ages. Analyses of rock formations and the fossil record are used to establish relative ages.

Earth environments i 2

That's because oxygen wants to react; it can form compounds with nearly every other element on the periodic table. So how did Earth end up with an atmosphere made up of roughly 21 percent of the stuff?


The answer is tiny organisms known as cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae. These microbes conduct photosynthesis: In fact, all the plants on Earth incorporate symbiotic cyanobacteria known as chloroplasts to do their photosynthesis for them down to this day. For some untold eons prior to the evolution of these cyanobacteria, during the Archean eon, more primitive microbes lived the real old-fashioned way: These ancient organisms—and their " extremophile " descendants today—thrived in the absence of oxygen, relying on sulfate for their energy needs.

At roughly the same time and for eons thereafteroxidized iron began to appear in ancient soils and bands of iron were deposited on the seafloor, a product of reactions with oxygen in the seawater. It took up residence in atmosphere around 2.

What were oxygen levels at that time? Why did it take another one billion years—dubbed the "boring billion" by scientists—for oxygen levels to rise high enough to enable the evolution of animals?

Earth environments i 2

Most important, how did the amount of atmospheric oxygen reach its present level? Yet no one has come up with a rock-solid test to determine the precise oxygen content of the atmosphere at any given time from the geologic record.

But one thing is clear—the origins of oxygen in Earth's atmosphere derive from one thing:Opportunities for Students. Whether you are interested in how the Earth works, what happens in the ocean, why people live where they do, or what impact humans are having on the environment, the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE) has something for you.

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The discovery of seven Earth-sized planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system have lit a new fire in the search for life.

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