Garments business plan in hindi

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Garments business plan in hindi

March 25, Mr. Singh, It seems that you have finally decided to start your business with enthusiasm. I am very happy for that. You will receive registration certificate. If you want any further guidance ask question. Vijaayrama, For your manufacturing plan i would suggest you that it does not make any difference weather you start in town or out of town.

So better start manufacturing unit out of town where you can get enough place at reasonable price and lower investment. You can start your out let in your city because for market ling, you need to have scope to meet to different merchants.

For machinery, you provide me info.


Embroidered, destined, with jasdori etc. Then i will give info from where you can get machinery and at what investment etc. Scott Wilson April 6, Mr.

Govind, You can find your business related information from local media houses. As far as your question is concerned, i would suggest you to follow links in your business only. Because these are transactions which take place Business to Business.

No such firm advertise them selves. So by personal links you can find raw material provider.

garments business plan in hindi

It is not so tough that requires a little effort. So as i mentioned try to find more as you want to start that business, you should have minimum knowledge. I am thinking to start it in a small scale. My plan is to begin a boutique where i will have some garments bought from outside and some from my own self creation.

My problem is i am not getting a clear picture about all this. If you can guide me in this regard pls advice. Please give me some ideas regarding the capital,personnel,infrastructure and marketing. I am planning to start with a less investment initially.

Then to expand that. Is it necessary that manufacturing should be situated in the City?

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What are the benefits of starting it in a Town?. You can send mail for the response contact April 14, Mr.

garments business plan in hindi

Hitesh, It is not necessary to have manufacturing plant in city. It will be better for you if you start manufacturing outside the city or in industrial zones. So it will be beneficial in terms of money and other incentives as well.City Name: Chennai (formerly Madras) [Go to TOP] A typical south Indian city, kept itself away from influences of north India but Chennai businessmen are now forced to learn Hindi to prevent loosing business from IT people.

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