Historical tampa bay

Spanish-language versions are also available for selected counties. Read about how it can be used for your area here. And the Annual Report. The Study was officially released on August 26,and covers Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties and their municipalities.

Historical tampa bay

Every building in Tampa was either damaged or destroyed, including most of Fort Brooke. Much of the population stayed to rebuild, and some desperate lobbying in Washington, D. The settlement of Tampa recovered enough by to incorporate as the "Village of Tampa", which officially occurred on January At the time, Tampa was home to inhabitants, excluding military personnel stationed at Fort Brooke.

The city's first official census count in listed Tampa-Fort Brooke as having residents. Lancaster became the first Mayor in Tampa's first church was established by a Methodist congregation in Fort Brooke was soon manned by Confederate troops and martial law was declared in Tampa in January Tampa's city government ceased to operate for the duration of the war.

However, several local blockade runners consistently slipped out undetected to the Gulf of Mexico. The Battle of Tampa on June July 1, was inconclusive, as the shells fell ineffectually and there were no casualties on either side. The Union gunboats U.

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Tahoma came up the bay and, after firing at the fort, landed troops near the town. The Union forces headed a few miles up the Hillsborough River until they found the hidden blockade runners Scottish Chief and Kate Dale near present-day Lowry Park Zoo and burned them at their moorings.

Not finding enough justification to stay, they threw most of the fort's armaments into the Hillsborough River, took much of the city's remaining food and supplies, and left after three days. In May, federal troops arrived in Tampa to occupy the fort and the town as part of Reconstruction.

They would remain until August, Brooke cannon displayed on the University of Tampa campus across from downtown The years after the Civil War were difficult ones in Tampa. With much of the town in disrepair and the population depleted, the isolated village faced a difficult period.

As one returning soldier wrote, "Tampa was a hard-looking place. Streets and lots were grown up with weeds and the outlook certainly was not very encouraging. However, with little industry and land transportation links limited to sandy wagon roads from the east coast of Florida, Tampa's post-war development was glacial and halting.

One factor limiting economic growth was the lack of population growth.

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Yellow fever had always been a threat in early Tampa, but the disease hit with terrifying regularity throughout the late s and s. Borne by mosquitoes from the surrounding swampland, Tampa was hit by wave after wave of yellow fever epidemics and scares throughout the period.

The after-effects of the Civil War, disease, and disinterest put Tampa into a slow downward spiral. Conditions in the city deteriorated to the point that residents voted to temporarily disincorporate the city in As a result, Tampa's population fell from approximately in [36] to in and in Another blow was to come.

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Fort Brooke, the seed from which Tampa had germinated, had served its purpose and was decommissioned in Except for two cannons fished from the river and displayed on the nearby University of Tampa campus, all traces of the fort are gone.

Though in an odd nod to history, a large downtown parking garage near the old fort site is called the Fort Brooke Parking Garage.

Historical tampa bay

Soon, the mining and shipping of phosphate became important area industries.Recent Game Results Height of bar is margin of victory • Mouseover bar for details • Click for box score • Grouped by Month. Welcome To the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council.

The tougher challenges of the 21st century require regional thinkers, conveners and problem solvers. Migration.

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From to , total net migration for the Tampa Bay region was , or an average of 65, per year. During this time Tampa Bay accounted for nearly 20% of Florida's total net migration. The annual migration totals grew steadily since until people a day moved to Tampa Bay .

Located on Tampa's Riverwalk, a visit to the Tampa Bay History Center includes three floors of hands on, interactive exhibits and theaters focusing on 12, years of Florida's history and culture. Visit the all-new Treasure Seekers gallery, open now!

Oct 02,  · At first glance Tampa Bay History Center looks like a office building, but there is more than exterior. Located in Downtown Tampa, by the riverwalk and Amelie Center, the history museum is a good addition to your itinerary, when visiting Tampa/5(). Bahia de Tampa (Tampa Bay) Tampa Bay was first explored by Europeans in , by Panfilo de Narvaez.

The early explorers did not settle the area at the time, as they were searching for gold.

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