In search of dibs reaction

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In search of dibs reaction

Dibs father is a brilliant scientist and the mother was a top heart surgeon before she decided to start a family.

They lived in New York and were of an upper class wealthy background. The boy was silent and withdrawn. He kept to himself and when he responded, if at all, it was usually to express his displeasure at one thing or another.

At home, he was usually in seclusion and mute and considered to be hard to manage as well as a source of shame to the family. His family even considered taking him to a school of the mentally retarded children. Virginia Axline is a talented therapist and one of the pioneers in the concepts of play therapy.

In the book she attempts to assist Dibs to become the person he was meant to be over many weekly one hour play sessions. She employs the principles of cognitive psychology with emphasis on reflective listening.

The process of development and healing turned out to be difficult and emotionally demanding. Dibs is confronted with the task of finding himself and confronting his fears and anxieties with the gentle nudging of Axline.

Play therapy provides a way for children aged between three and eleven In search of dibs reaction express their experiences and feelings in a process that is self-guided, natural and leads to self-healing.

Play is important for children to communicate their knowledge and experiences and in the process to know and accept themselves and those around them. Virginia Axline claims that a play experience is therapeutic because it is a source of a secure relationship that is exhibited between the child and adult.

In this case, the child is ensured with abundant freedom and an opportunity of expressing himself in ways that he understands better. This is approved at that time as the child is found to be acting in his own way and within the stipulated time frame.

The therapist observes the child, who is usually the client in this case, playing with toys or other objects to ascertain the cause of the disturbed behavior.

The reasons for behavior during and after the session can be inferred from the patterns and objects of play. Play therapy is also a self-help mechanism so long as children are allowed time for unstructured play.

From the point of view of development psychology, play is acknowledged to be an important part of healthy child development.

Play therapists also use a type of relearning therapy or desensitization to change disturbing behavior in formal or informal settings.

These processes are not only applied with children but also with verbally-impaired persons, slow learners, brain-injured or drug-affected persons.

In search of dibs reaction

However mature adults are more difficult to treat using these techniques because of the cultural and traditional association of play with children.

Therefore highly skilled therapists are required to deal with mature individuals to enable more unguarded spontaneity to develop. Axline states that successful therapy begins with the therapist. In Dibs in search of self, she follows eight basic principles or concepts. First; she aims to establish a warm, friendly relationship with the child as early as possible in the client-therapist relationship.

Secondly, the therapist has to accept the child exactly as he is.

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She reassures him that no one would hurt him and accepts him unconditionally. Axline does not behave as though the diagnosis is important. Most of the characters in the book believe that Dibs had either suffered brain damage or was mentally retarded but neither diagnosis was correct.

The third concept is to establish a feeling of freedom of expression in relationship so that the child is free to display his feelings completely.

In search of dibs reaction

Dibs expresses his physical and emotional pain and frustration in his play. Very little dialogue has been used effectively to allow the boy to act out his feelings. Choosing and initiating the required change is a responsibility of a child. Dibs learns to be himself, to gain self-belief and to free himself of all his fears.

The therapist acted simply as a facilitator while Dibs underwent a process of self-discovery culminating in him facing his fears and eventually conquering them.

The sixth concept is that the therapist is not supposed to give clear direction towards the conversation and actions of the child within any circumstance. Thetherapist is expected to take a role of a follower, as the child takes the lead.

The therapist is to stay in the background allowing the client to lead at all times and to let him work through his problems as well as he could. Axline gives Dibs complete freedom to direct his recovery process. Axline stresses that in order for the client to understand himself, he has to learn to respect himself and to feel worthwhile.

The book reinforces the importance of active listening and less talking. The seventh concept is that the therapist shouldnot make any attempt to hasten the therapy process, but rather to let it take its course.

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It remains a gradual process and the therapist should recognize that.The sixth award was made possible through the generosity of members of the DIBS External Advisory Board. Each team, new or continuing, will receive between $25, and $,, depending on the size, complexity and costs for each project.

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Aug 17,  · ‘Dibs in search of Self’ is a book dedicated to the development of a boy who refuses to talk, and acknowledge anybody other than himself. It is based upon a true case and includes real conversations and play sessions that he and ‘Miss A’ go through together as she attempts to .

Dibs Reaction No one is born a parent; no one really is a perfect parent. Dibs: In Search of Self is a perfect example of this as both parents had no idea how to raise a child in a loving, compassionate home.

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