Integrated marketing communications campaign case study

In light of these projections, the government and stakeholders in tourism established Inspired by Iceland, not as a long-term campaign, but originally as a three month burst to save summer of It was not focused on rebranding the country, but mainly to show prospective tourists that everything was OK in Iceland, and the eruption did not disrupt tourism except in a very small region.

Integrated marketing communications campaign case study

MS responsibilities include maintaining relations with senior clients and supervising the strategic aspects of the client's business. This will include multiple projects, both online and offline, happening simultaneously. Must be able to focus on the business needs of the client, seek and articulate agency perspective on recommended solutions that contribute to innovative ideas in support of the client's goals, and provide team leadership.

Must assist the Regional Account Director in the leadership of the Western LDA team, including the growth of employees, overseeing their day-to-day work and assisting in the managing of their LDA markets.

Thoroughly understand designated pieces of client's business for which the Management Supervisor is responsible.

Must "get the assignment right" through input, collaboration, inspiration and knowledge base. Bring clarity to client expectations early in a project. Grow and develop the designated business. Contact and develop relationships with designated senior-level and mid-level clients. Build trust with and advise clients, providing a range of options to address various issues and opportunities.

Supervise "day-to-day'' designated client initiatives, including, but not limited to, business-building, strategy, media, experiential and creative projects. Play an essential role in major presentations to clients, including annual planning and selling creative, media plans, experiential and integrated campaign initiatives.

Provide guidance to clients, assisting them with all aspects of their marketing and advertising. Be willing to engage clients on difficult issues. Agency Leadership Provide leadership, support and supervision to Idea Management team designated to specific pieces of business: Practice standard operating procedures within the department to engage with others professionally, efficiently and profitably.

Advise agency leaders on growth potential for members of the team. Communication and integration skills Take responsibility for overall communication to the client and of the client's business, providing insight to agency team members regarding client business or project-specific needs. Collaborate regarding projects' strategic direction and integration.

Consult with appropriate stakeholders and subject-matter experts in the idea development process. Collaborate with and provide strategic direction to media and experiential teams for LDA initiatives.

Recap client meetings in writing. Champion agency process to ensure quality of work. Manage all aspects of LDA budgets and communication of financial information.

Integrated marketing communications campaign case study

Minimum years in advertising experience or relevant communications role s. Strong organizational skills and communication skills as well as an aptitude for accuracy and details. Must be able to juggle multiple projects and work with various field contacts while balancing Client demands and prioritizing projects.

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Mar 10,  · This case study examines the Coca Cola IMC approach as described in the Cola War regardbouddhiste.coms considered will include an examination of which components are expended in regards to the integrated approach, the comparative importance of the components, component efficiency, and the overall success of the IMC approach.


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