Rewording of thesis

I went into this expecting a light, fluffy, and kinda boring middle grade novel, but I was pleasantly surprised! For starters, this book drew on a A LOT of elements. The author had a lot to work with to make his story multifaceted.

Rewording of thesis

Media When the story of Luke Heimlich broke a few days ago, I patted the Oregonian on the back and said job well done.

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Reporting sexual assault of a star jock, going up against a powerful institution, and talking about a prevalent yet taboo subject all seemed like noble moves on the surface. My opinion changed decisively on Friday, when John Canzano wrote this piece.

Canzano telling Heimlich, an adult who has no pending criminal charges, and by all accounts an adult who has been a model student since arriving on campus, what is best for his future.

If Canzano was simply upset and felt the original punishment was too lenient, then writing a piece saying so would have been appropriate.

But I do know what Heimlich should do today. It was at this moment I sensed we had a virtue-signaling, self-aggrandizing, self-righteous, high-horse hit piece on our hands.

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For what active crime? As widely reported, Heimlich pleaded to certain charges and served the punishment that the courts, not John Canzano, deemed appropriate.

My advice for anyone upset with a verdict, yet not a direct party in said verdict: Become a true advocate through meaningful causes that enact change. How many of their victims has John reached out to for stories? The State of Oregon as a whole has 28, registered sex offenders.

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Again, how many of these victims has he reached out to? There is strong evidence, from psychologists acknowledged by the Oregonian themselves, and also strengthened via anecdotes shared by my readers, which I will post at the end of this articlethat suggest making victims relive the experience is actually worse for them.

So what does John do? He supports the publication of this story on the eve Heimlich is set to pitch the biggest game of his life. The story, of course, would be picked up by National papers, placing National attention on Luke, but more importantly, on the victim Canzano claims to care about most.

In fact, his words ring hollow, and the self-righteous nature of the piece screams of a man reacting emotionally in a way that just happens to benefit his newspaper.

Rewording of thesis

On top of that, the entire world would know I was molested. Canzano never explains how this helps the victim he claims to care about so much. One would think a sincere, caring individual would follow up and ask how much his article has helped.

Yet, as of today, there is no article where the mother is quoted saying how this story has helped her daughter.How to Write a Book Report.

Rewording of thesis

In this Article: Article Summary Researching and Outlining Your Report Writing the Body of Your Report Finishing Up Your Report Sample Book Report and Summaries Community Q&A Writing a book report may not seem fun at first, but it gives you a great chance to really understand a work and its author.

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