Sacred cow

Synopsis When a controversial documentary filmmaker places a live cow outside of the family restaurant to make a statement, Bob is livid when it starts to scare away customers. A filmmaker named Randy starts filming his new documentary outside the restaurant, and ties a cow, named " Moolissa " actually a male cow with a blonde wig on it outside the restaurant. Bob sees this, and Randy explains his challenge for him:

Sacred cow

A special animal, it's every aspect is a boon to mankind.

Sacred cow

The Vedic seers called it the mother, the source of nourishment of creation. This gentle bovine has garnered a considerable amount of interest and reference that go beyond ancient Vedic texts spanning other civilizations like Greece, Mesopotamia and Rome.

The Egyptians worshipped her as Hathor, the Goddess of Fertility, while those from this side of the Indus called her the Kamdhenu cow of plenty and Lord Shiva's favourite Nandi.

The Greeks knew her as Lo and the Nordics as Audhumbla, the primeval cow who licked ice and brought mankind into existence. There is a story in the Mahabharata where the great sage Chyawan, in a barter deal with King Nahush, puts his worth as equivalent to a cow — indicating how evolved a being it is.

It is an intelligent being and the karmic implications of causing harm to it are severe, likewise the karmic benefits of serving it are also manifold. You must have also read in your history books that Buddha's name was Gautam.

The name Gautama is derived from two words gau or cow and uttama or greatest. Combined, the two words mean the greatest cow or the ultimate cow. The word gau also referred to the white Sacred cow of cows; hence Gautama was also Sacred cow ultimate white light. Even the most sacred spot of the Buddhists is Bodh Gaya.

Gaya is simply another word for cow. Quite contrary to what the current generation considers as mumbo-jumbo, the efficacy of these Vedic principles have infact found acceptability worldwide and through centuries.

The All - Revered Cow

In the diary of Sir Cunningham kept at the National Archives, he made not only a sketch of a calf and cow on the third page, but also notes on the scientific and logical benefits of preserving this animal. So, what is it about the cow that caused it to be revered across cultures and also caught the attention of the learned archaeologist?

Various cultures describe the immense benefits of preserving and serving this animal. It is said that if you regularly feed cows and they lick your head then your hidden mental abilities fructify. This was true for the great Saint Kabir, for his poetic abilities manifested only once he was licked by a cow on his head.

Massaging a cow ensures a strong and beautiful body with longevity. Doing service to its calf gives you the benefit of healthy relationships in your life. Also, in no culture or religion is eating its meat considered healthy. Sadly, this all-giving cow today is an animal that is ignored, abused, exploited, abandoned and murdered to feed our selfish motives.

Benefits The cow has been called the mother for a reason. Everything it produces is for the benefit of mankind and creation at large. The all-giving cow gives mankind Nourishment milk and dairy productsMedicines Panchgavya, cow urine which acts as a natural pesticideAgriculture bio- pesticides and manure as a fuel and natural fertilizer and Energy biogas.

As she walks down our soils, the land gets tilled and free of termites, when we wish to interact with the gods and goddesses; we make use of her ghee and upla to perform a yajna.

Our Work More than volunteers of Dhyan Foundation are engaged day in and day out, spreading the cause of 'Save a Cow' through our various activities such as: Rehabilitation and shelter for injured and abandoned cows Emergency services for injured and accident struck animals hour ambulance service.

More than pickups since February with dedicated follow ups. Sponsor treatment and care for sick animals Reflective Neck Belts' an initiative instrumental in changing the lives of innumerable strays from dying in road mishaps was launched in Ludhiana.

Sensitizing people towards the needs of animals and the necessity to protect them by spreading awareness and presenting facts and also organizing visits to the gaushalas for school kids where they get first-hand exposure to this magical being.

Arrangements made for fodder and water tanks for the cattles on daily basis. Shades also provided to save them from extreme heat. Volunteers worked day and night to save these precious lives. Save A Cow If you spot any cow eating garbage on the roads, please click pictures and send us with details of location,date and time at saveacow dhyanfoundation.

In case of emergencyreach us at Do share with friends and family.The Sacred Cow and the Abominable Pig: Riddles of Food and Culture (A Touchstone book) [Marvin Harris] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The Sacred Cow and the Abominable Pig: Riddles of Food and Culture (A Touchstone book). Tetris is a sacred cow in the games industry, and only a few major titles have succeeded at iterating on its design; Lumines, which remembers the pleasure of humming the Tetris music and builds a whole game out of that joy, is probably the best.

Have we allowed a mistranslated text of scripture to become a catch-phrase of wisdom which was originally intended to be a mocking chide?

Isa (KJV) For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little. The first use in English that I have found of the term 'sacred cow' as a description of the recipient of that long-standing Hindu veneration is in an American newspaper from the s.

This is a reprint of a letter that was sent by Wady Jahed, an Indian emigre, living in Janesville, Wisconsin, to The Calcutta Times.

Sacred cow may refer to. Sacred cow (idiom), something considered (perhaps unreasonably) immune from question or criticism Holy cow (expression), a variant idiom Cattle in religion and mythology, object of reverence, including.

Sacred bull, including ancient religions; Bull of Heaven in Sumerian mythology; Auðumbla and Gavaevodata, the primeval cows of Norse and Zoroastrian mythology.

Cow is the favourite of Lord Shiv, it is said that whatever one whispers in the ears of a bull is heard by Lord Shiv and service to cow is given the highest place in the Vedas.

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