The effects of the infamous 1998 nba lockout on the economy of the us

History of the Philadelphia 76ers — While in the NBL with teams largely consisting of small Midwestern towns, the Nationals put together a 21—23 record, finishing in fourth place.

The effects of the infamous 1998 nba lockout on the economy of the us

The NBA is coming off the back of its most successful season with television ratings and game attendances at an all-time high, so to have the situation evolve into something that will more than likely poison fans against the league creates economic problems that will be more of a concern than what facts and figures are being dueled over on the bargaining table.

The lockout will do some damage economically to an American economy which is already unstable. On a micro scale people who rely on the NBA for revenue and employment such as concession stand operators, ticket takers, vendors, arena staff and security guards will be out of a job; at a time when low-skilled blue collar workers are having huge trouble finding employment.

Restaurants and bars in the vicinity of arenas will also take a big hit financially. The effects that will come of this lockout are real and should not be ostracized. Without a doubt sporting events produce ample if often excessive, amounts of game-day spending in cities across the USA and Canada.

It is pretty clear that all local economies will be hit hard. Sacramento officials estimate that its NBA arena employs about workers, including part-time employees. Enter the contest and win! In the shadow of Staples Center, restaurants and bars are empty, taxis are idle, and parking attendants have little to do.

With the Staples Center not just acting as a basketball arena but a multipurpose center means that other events, such as concerts, can be added in to gain revenue to cover some of the loss of not having basketball games.

Ultimately this is not a sustainable substitute.

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Overall, those effected in the L. The main economic effect here is that jobs and means of support are at stake because of the NBA lockout. However, in cities other than Los Angeles where the local NBA franchise is the only major sports team, the picture is even more desolate. What about the seven only NBA based markets?

This is yet another indication that the NBA franchises bring much needed boosts to their local economies. Overall the lack of a Kobe Bryant buzzer beater may hurt Los Angeles deeply inside, but it will not be the economical downfall of the greater Los Angeles area.The NBA lockout shows a clear picture of what will happen if any length of the season is missed, and the picture is a serious loss of view- Andy Kiesler Fourth-year CS “If history has shown sports fans anything, it’s that when a sport isn’t on to talk about, it can become forgettable.”.

The NBA season was the 53rd season of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Due to a lockout, the season did not start until February 5, , The second lockout in the history of the NBA lasted from July 1, , to January 20, -Tried by State or the United States (state v.

federal law)-May face jail time •Civil Law - Between private parties only. ~ day lockout •NBA owner voted to reopen CBA at the end of season •Intended to explain the effects sports commentator discourse & .

Economic Effects of the NBA Lockout The National Basketball Players Association lockout greatly affected the United States economy.

The effects of the infamous 1998 nba lockout on the economy of the us

Greedy team owners and greedy players fighting over large amounts of money caused the lockout. The 76ers compete in the National Basketball Association The logo portrays the patriotic nature of the United States, prominently featuring the colors red, Bulls and Warriors) and ending Boston's eight-year title reign which led to the infamous "Boston's Dead!" chants.

NBA owners will lose $1 million on average for every game canceled because of the lockout, and players will lose an estimated $ million a month. Bars, restaurants and hotels don't have the public appeal that the clubs do, people wont know the suffers of local, the workers who help make basketball a big event in 30 cities will wonder .

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