The origin of the congo essay

The capital city is Kinshasa, which changed its name from Leopoldville in The topography varies from tropical rain forests to mountainous terraces, plateau, savannas, dense grasslands, and mountains. Its region is dominated by the Congo River system, so it has a main role in economic development, transportation, and freshwater supply. This country has equatorial location; as a consequence the climate is hot and humid with large amounts of precipitation in the central river basin and eastern highlands, but it presents periodic droughts in the south.

The origin of the congo essay

The Republic of the Congo Essay: The Republic of Congo was a former French colony. It won independence from the French rule in and celebrates National Day on 15 August. The first president was Fulbert Youlou. But trade union leaders and political parties started a three day uprising causing him to lose power.

The military took control and installed a provisional government with Alphonse Massamba-Debat as the head. He was elected president under the constitution for a five year term. Scientific socialism was the constitutional ideology.

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After a quarter century of Left-wing politics, Congo became a multi-party democracy in But s was marked by civil war and factional politics. After a brief civil war in it ended in the restoration of former Marxist President Denis Sassou Nguesso to power. On account of political instability development suffered and poverty continues to be a key challenge in the Congo Republic.

The World Bank has pointed out that nearly half the population still lives in poverty in Congo, though high levels of extreme poverty have declined significantly over recent years. The Government is also working hard to implement a five-year plan to fight poverty and unemployment.

The country counts approximately million Congolese and stretches over a surface ofkm.

The origin of the congo essay

President Denis Sassou Nguessou is inspiring his government to undertake to development in basic infrastructure-roads, airports, electricity, water, river and sea ports and telecommunications. According to the President without these things the human development is not possible. In Congo government undertook modernising the municipalities in all the 12 provinces and the programme has acted as a source of national equity, infrastructure facilities, and a dynamic production and poverty reduction incubator.

Last year in the second phase of accelerated municipalisation was kicked off Congo as a whole is sparsely populated. More than half of its population live in the cities. The most populous city is the capital, Brazzaville, which is positioned in the south-eastern corner of the country and is a major inland port on the Congo River.

Endowed with natural resources such as- petroleum, Timber, Potash, Lead, Zinc, Iron, Uranium, Copper, Phosphates, Gold, Magnesium, Natural gas, Hydropower- the Republic of the Congo RoC continues to demonstrate sustained moderate growth, hovering near 4 per cent according various estimates.

According to several multilateral institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund Republic of Congo is currently one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa with an annual growth of roughly seven percent.

The economy of the Republic of Congo is predominated by petrol and natural gas. As a result, Oil accounts for around 95 per cent of export earnings and 50 per cent of GDP.

The history of the Congo Essays

Large oil resources and a small population have resulted in a GDP higher than most other sub-Saharan African countries.The Congo had always been referred to as the Green Heart of Africa, symbolizing the country’s beautiful landscape and plentiful resources that grow among the dense forests and fields that dot the region and yet now the Congo is commonly referred to as Africa’s heart of darkness, a.

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The Congo Crisis - Over a period from , the first Republic of the Congo experienced a period of serious crisis. Essay on Three Recomendations for the Democratic Republic of Congo Words | 3 Pages. Three Recommendations for the DRC The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has undergone two recent wars in and with Ugandan rebels and Uganda itself.

In the wake of these wars, an estimated 6 million people lost their lives due to war-induced causes. Belgian Colonializm in the Congo Free State Essay - The violent and forced rule of the Congo is a horrific time in African history.

The time period beginning with Henry Morton Stanley's first exploration to the Congo, and King Leopold's desire of this area, had been a nightmare for the people of the Congo. The history of the Congo Essays: Over , The history of the Congo Essays, The history of the Congo Term Papers, The history of the Congo Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Essay on Food Security in the Democratic Republic of Congo Words | 4 Pages.

The origin of the congo essay

Script for Geography Good morning/afternoon Today I will talk about food security in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

DR Congo is an African country that consists of over 2,, square kilometres (Central Intelligence Agency (US), ).

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