The sugary secret of self control

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The sugary secret of self control

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Share this article Share The research group Which? The results should shock you. Products we are led to believe are healthy are, in fact, laden with so much sugar they ought to be sold alongside chocolate biscuits, said Which?

The calculations are for a 40g serving, with and without ml skimmed milk. A teaspoon is equivalent to 4. Teaspoons of sugar when you add milk: Fat per g of cereal: This is as much as you would get in an average sized chocolate bar, so you are effectively having a Dairy Milk bar in every bowl.

Unlike plain porridge oats, all varieties of Ready Brek are fortified. However, compared with original, unsweetened Ready Break, this has 20 times more sugar. Stick to the plain stuff and add a teaspoon of honey.

Frosties were considered the worst offender in the Which? A 40g bowl contains around 15 per cent of the guideline daily amount of sugar. Frosties are no better for you than cake and custard for breakfast. However, much of the sugar in the cereal is fructose, or fruit sugar, which in some studies has been shown to provide a longer-lasting energy boost.

Still, it is better to stick to an unsweetened, high-fibre cereal such as Shredded Wheat with fresh fruit. A bowl of these shapes contains more sugar than two chocolate digestives.

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Since the only ingredient is wholegrain wheat, it is naturally low in sugar, salt and fat. It contained the least sugar of the 50 cereals analysed by Which? It is also a good source of fibre, with two Shredded Wheat providing almost a quarter of your daily amount.

Sugar is the second ingredient after wholewheat in these mini biscuits, despite the fact they are naturally sweetened with dried fruit. You would be better off sticking with the original Weetabix biscuits, which contain almost six times less sugar per g 4.

This cereal contains sugar, honey and glucose syrup, giving it 34 per cent sugar content. According to the Food Standards Agency, a sugar content above 15 per cent is considered to be high — these cereals have double this. It is now accepted scientific fact that eating too much sugar increases your chances of suffering from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and liver problems.

A recent article in the highly respected journal Nature claimed that an excess of sugar contributes to 35 million deaths a year worldwide. They have called for sugar to be regulated like cigarettes.

The biggest risk of a high-sugar diet is obesity. This is not only because sugar is high in calories, but also because it acts like a drug on your system.

Eating too much sugar leaves you craving more sugar. It becomes a vicious circle.Elizabeth is a bit too studious, but this all changes when she agrees to a friend’s request to take a little fill in the blanks quiz capable of altering her life’s story.

The sugary secret of self control

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The NBA's Secret Addiction ESPN exclusive! How one performance-enhancing sandwich has spread through the NBA.

The sugary secret of self control

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