Writing about your lifestyle determines

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Writing about your lifestyle determines

General build self esteemgoals and objectivespeak performanceself-confidenceself-esteemTime Managementyour goals Perhaps the most important part of the psychology of time management, and the role that your self-concept has in determining your performance and behavior, is the impact of your self-esteem in determining everything that happens to you.

Most psychologists agree that self-esteem is the critical determinant of a healthy personality. The more you like yourself, the more confidence you have.

The more you like yourself, the more efficient and effective you are in each area of your life. Self-esteem is the key to peak performance. Your self-esteem is so important to your emotional health that almost everything you do is aimed at either increasing your feelings of self-esteem and personal value, or protecting it from being diminished by other people or circumstances.

Self-esteem, the feeling of liking and respecting yourself, is the foundation principle of success and happiness. It is vital for you to feel fully alive. When you feel that you are really good at something, you experience positive feelings of self-efficacy.

One of the greatest discoveries in psychology was the discovery of the connection between self-esteem and self-efficacy. Now we know that the more you like yourself, the better you do at almost anything you attempt.

And the better you do at something, the more you like yourself. Each feeds on and reinforces the other. This finding is what makes time management so important for every part of your life. The better you use your time, the more you get done and the higher is your sense of self-efficacy.

As a result, you like yourself more, do even higher quality work, and get even more done. Your whole life improves. Three Self-Esteem Builders There are three additional factors that affect your self-esteem that have to do with time management.

Determine Your Values Living your life consistent with your deepest values is essential for you to enjoy high self-esteem. People who are clear about what they believe in and value, and who refuse to compromise their values like and respect themselves far more than people who are unclear about what is really important to them.

People who value themselves highly use their time well. They know that their time is their life. However, the reverse is also true. If you act in a certain way, your actions will create within you the feelings that are consistent with them.

This means that when you act as if your time was extremely valuable, the action causes you to feel like a more valuable and important person.

By managing your time well, you actually increase your self-esteemand by extension, you become better at whatever you are doing. The very act of living your life consistent with your values, and using your time effectively and well, improves your self-image, builds your self-esteem and self-confidence, and increases your self-respect.Free Sell your eBook here free, eBooks, Do Your Own Probate, Start Gold and Silver Investing, Sell Your Home Now, Information for Travelers, RV FullTimers, RV Dream, Working on the Road, Selling Online, Destiny or Fate, Bust the myths about men, Point & Shoot Camera.

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writing about your lifestyle determines

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Your Self-Esteem Determines Your Life